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Exhibition overview Gallery, "Visions and Design"

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Bottom Left: Exhibition overview

Bottom Right: Gallery, "Visions and Design"

"When thinking of the design for the opening exhibition, 'The Art of Bloomsbury,' I could not imagine asking anyone other than Levin to undertake the project. Her design provided the perfect setting for the works displayed, and the overwhelmingly positive visitor response attests to its great success. It is one of the most exquisite exhibition spaces I know."

Edward J. Nygren, Former Director of Art Collections, The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
The MaryLou and George Boone Gallery
The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
Completion March 2000
San Marino, California
7,100 square feet

The firm programmed and designed a restoration of the building exterior and adaptive re-use of the interior as a changing exhibition gallery for the art and library divisions. The MaryLou and George Boone Gallery includes 4,100 square feet of exhibition space, a satellite museum store, preparators' area, exhibit staging and support facilities.

The architectural design of the gallery is a composition of details which refer to classical design, but are interpreted and executed in modern form. The entry lobby is both, literally and metaphorically, transitional space between exterior and interior, between classical and contemporary. The entry double glass doors recall the original design intent, shown on the original Hunt drawings, while the glass gallery doors are a re-interpretation. Six new skylights and four custom-designed cast stone plinth light fixtures flood the lobby with light, while the plaster walls and ceilings provide color, texture and a domestic scale.

The project received a preservation award in May of 2000 from the Los Angeles Conservancy.

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