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Elevation, Adams Boulevard View to the courtyard
  Rear entry and access to courtyard

Top: Elevation, Adams Boulevard

Top Right: View to the courtyard

Bottom Right: Rear entry and access to courtyard

"Out of the pain, frustration and chaos of the Los Angeles 1992 civil disturbance in which many lost their lives, property and peace, rose the Adams Congress Apartments which expresses the aspirations of the people in the heart of the City for affordable housing. Levin understood the need for creative expression and vision that emerged from the tragedy. She designed a facility that is a symbol of progress, a place of comfort and security for residents and neighbors."

Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, City of Los Angeles Eighth District
Adams Congress Apartments
Completion 1996
South Los Angeles
Interdenominational Community Development Corporation
54,000 square feet

Levin & Associates was asked to create an island of safety on a burned-out site in the troubled West Adams district with an affordable housing project. As was its intent, the project has triggered revitalization in the surrounding area.

The three-story complex is constructed above a below-grade parking basement. A combination of one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments totaling 46 units in 54,000 square feet are integrated with a community learning center with street access, a resident recreation room and play area in a garden patio sheltered from the street.

The brightly-colored plaster walls of terra cotta and ochre and highly-textured asphalt-shingled roofs create an architecture which is complementary to the craftsman and revival styles of the neighborhood.

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