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CIVIC & SOCIAL: Creating Place in the Public Realm Camp Master Plan
Girls cabin - front elevation Nature Center side elevation

Upper: Camp master plan

Lower Left: Girls cabins front elevation

Lower Right: Nature center side elevation

Camp Bloomfield
Completion: 2009
Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu

In 1955 the Foundation for the Junior Blind received 40 acres of land in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu to be used as a residential camp for blind or visually impaired children, teens and their families. With its rustic setting and yet close proximity to Los Angeles, the site serves as an ideal location for weeklong summer camps as well as weekend retreats for camp participants throughout the school year.

After 50 years of rugged use by tens of thousands of energetic blind children, nearly all of the buildings and program areas are now in need of repair, renovation or reconstruction.

Levin & Associates was retained by the Foundation (now Junior Blind of America) in 2001 to analyze the existing site and the condition of the structures, and to develop a master plan for the camp.

The project includes the renovation and expansion of the camp commons (dining hall) to accommodate staff residences, an arrival area and camp office; enlarged boys cabins to incorporate disabled access restrooms; a replacement camp manager's residence; replacement girls cabins and office/infirmary; renovated aquatic center including a swimming pool, interactive water feature and bath house, pond and corral, water tanks and wells, storm drains and septic system; internal camp roads, landscaping, and a bridge across the Arroyo Sequit. New structures include an outdoor education center with small animal pens, indoor/outdoor arts and crafts facility, and children's meeting center, to provide a central gathering facility for camp-wide activities and events.

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