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Griffith Observatory Foyer Vertical Panel Griffith Observatory - New Elevator

Construction Updates

Upper: Angled elevation of the Griffith Observatory from the front lawn.  Photographer:  Aaron Paley

Lower Left: Griffith Observatory Foyer Vertical Panel Conservation Hugo Ballin Mural (1934) After Treatment
Rainer & Zebala Partners, 2004 Photographer:  Brian Forrest

Lower Right:  New elevator at Observatory deck level.  Photographer:  Dave Allen

"Almost 40 years ago, my professor told me, 'The key to civilization is maintenance...' but maintenance is really renewal. Renewal inspires belief in the future. Belief in the future is an essential ingredient of human enterprise and civilization. Levin implements renewal with art, grace, substance, and style. Griffith Observatory would be lost in space without her."

Dr. E.C. Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory
Completion:  Fall 2006
Los Angeles
Department of Recreation & Parks,
City of Los Angeles
Historic renovation:  27,000 square feet
New construction:  39,000 square feet

Architects Austin and Ashley created the structure in 1935, typically identified as Art Deco and symbolic of Modern design.  After 65 years of intensive use linked with public education from the opening day, the structure’s materials and systems are in need of renovation; additional exhibition and support space is also required.

Levin & Associates and Pfeiffer Partners have been retained by the City of Los Angeles to guide the rehabilitation and expansion project.  Levin serves as the project’s historic preservation architect responsible for the 27,000-square-foot building, including the exterior concrete, decorative metal doors and window grilles, and copper domes; interior rotunda, gallery spaces and Hugo Ballin murals.

When completed Fall 2006, Griffith Observatory, restored and renewed for future generations, will continue to be the most identifiable landmark in Los Angeles.

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