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EDUCATION: Creating Place on Campus Quadrangle plaza elevation
Marketplace view of bakery and deli Second floor, Branca Family Patio with new steel and glass canopy

Top: Quadrangle plaza elevation

Bottom Left: Marketplace view of bakery and deli

Bottom Right: Second floor, Branca Family Patio with new steel and glass canopy

"Levin's ability to weave the new with the old is truly remarkable."

Ted Mitchell, Former President, Occidental College
Johnson Student Center
Occidental College
Completion January 1999
Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California
55,000 square feet

Founded in 1887 as a private liberal arts college, Occidental College's 1911 master plan was designed by famed Southern California architect Myron Hunt. Over the years, Hunt designed many of the buildings on campus including the 1928 original student union. The architectural challenge was to double the size of the existing landmark structure, located directly on the public face of the campus quadrangle.

The first floor of the existing campus building was completely re-configured to accommodate rooms for meetings, offices for student organizations, and a multi-use student space. The historic spaces on the second floor were renovated for continued use as the campus dining hall, and the private dining and meeting rooms that surround the courtyard.

The original architecture is complemented by a 28,000 square-foot addition, a contemporary interpretation of the formal elements of Hunt's design vocabulary and massing. The new two-story space houses the campus food servery "marketplace" and supporting kitchens, campus bookstore, college mail facilities and campus food service.

The "renewed" center is a fusion of old and new, more internally coherent and easily accessible. The building is organized around two stairways that are flooded with natural light and serve as entries and gathering places.

The new plaza and colonnade form a public square that is visually connected to Samuelson Pavilion, also designed by Levin & Associates. This linkage becomes the new "heart" of the Occidental campus.

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