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North (above) and Painter Street (below) rendered elevations Circulation PlanCirculation Plan

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Left: North (above) and Painter Street (below) rendered elevations

Bottom Right: Circulation Plan

Whittier College Campus Center
Client:  Whittier College
Completion 2008
Area:  51,000 SF

Whittier College, named for Quaker Poet John Greenleaf Whittier, was founded in 1901and is an independent four- year liberal arts college with a student body of 1,500. In 2005 the College retained Levin & Associates to design a new Camps Center which is the hub of student activities on campus and refreshed the antiquated dining facility.
Through a series of stakeholder sessions with Students, Faculty, Trustees and staff, the goals of the Center became clear:

  • Create the Campus “Living Room”
  • Campus Center not Student Center
  • Improved Amenities & Outdoor Connections
  • Social Connections
  • A Place for All

With these goals as the mandate, the direction to promote the historic campus architecture and the financial need to retain an existing 1950’s building, Levin & Associates planned a courtyard building that opens up to the out doors and creates an Amphitheater for student interactions.

The siting of the new project, dictated by the existing building, forms a courtyard edge against the city street and captures the college green as it tumbles down from the foothills. All residential students access the new Campus Center to pick-up their mail, enjoy the “market place dining, meet friends at the Student Lounge, and enjoy late night music at “The Club”.  Several Student life offices reside in the building as well as student publication the :”QC” the year book, student government offices.

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